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The Christian’s Four Assurances

  Jeremiah 32:36-41; John 10:28-30 (text); Romans 8:30-39 February 7, 2016 • Download this sermon (PDF) Beloved congregation of Christ: About twenty years ago, I taught a high school Bible class at a school for missionary children in the Philippines. Sometime after teaching the doctrines of grace to the class, including the perseverance of the […]

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The Shepherd’s Call

  Isaiah 43:1-3a; Hosea 11:1-2;John 10:3-5, 16-17, 27 (text) January 31, 2016 • Download this sermon (PDF) Congregation of Christ: When the pastor preaches the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a congregation, there are people who respond positively, and with interest, and later come to faith. But there are also many who have […]

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5 Sermons on God’s Salvation Plan in John 10

  John Chapter 10 is a chapter rich in theology. In addition to the doctrine of the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, this chapter is a gold mine of the “doctrines of grace” – how a person is saved only by God’s grace alone in Christ alone, according to God’s sovereignty alone. Date Sermon […]

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“The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life for the Sheep”

  Ezekiel 34:22-24; John 10:11, 15-18 (text) January 24, 2016 (Big Springs URC & ZCRC Pasig) • Download this sermon (PDF) Beloved congregation of Christ: On October 6, 1973, as I was looking forward to the last few days of my college years, news broke out that Egypt and Syria attacked Israel simulta­neously on two […]

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“I Know My Own and My Own Know Me”

  Deuteronomy 7:6-11; John 10:1-30; John 10:3-4, 14, 27 (texts) January 17, 2016 (Big Springs URC and ZCRC Pasig) • Download this sermon (PDF) Dear Congregation of Christ: As I was listening to one of the lectures yesterday at the Annual Conference of Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California, I was struck by the lecturer’s Top […]

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“The LORD is My Good Shepherd”

  Readings:Psalm 23:1-6 (text); John 10:11-16 July 12, 2015 • Download this sermon (PDF) Dear Congregation of Christ: I was raised in a church where we had annual Vacation Bible Schools. The little children memorized short verses, while the bigger kids memorized passages such as The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and Psalm […]

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Liturgy for July 12, 2015

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