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The LORD Sends Ehud to Bring a Sacrifice


Scripture Readings: Judges 3:12-31 (text); Hebrews 4:12

July 3, 2016 (ZCRC Pasig and BSCC) • Download this sermon (PDF)

Congregation of Christ: Who among you are left-handed? I am, and in my younger years, to be left-handed had its disadvantages. It was actually frowned upon, even considered “abnormal.” Some teachers would even hit your left hand with a ruler if you wrote with your left hand.

sMvKID_5” alt=”sMvKID_5″ width=”350″ />So months before the first day of my first grade year, my father trained me to write with my right hand. He promised me that I would get a bicycle (which never happened). I was able to write with my right hand, and to this day, I can only write with my right hand. But everything else I do – eating, throwing a ball, turning screws – I do with my left hand.

Today, we will study the next judge after Othniel, the ideal judge. Everything written about Othniel was positive. But when we come to the second judge, Ehud, the warts start appearing. Ehud, from the tribe of Benjamin whose name means “son of my right hand,” was a lefty. And he used his “abnormal” left-handedness to his advantage in saving the people of Israel from their enemies. As an assassin raised by God to deliver his people from their oppression, Ehud is an example of a plain, cunning, but flawed, sinful person used by God. And in our own simple ways, we too may be used by God in ways that we may not even know. Like Ehud, God may use us to bring sacrifices to God in the church and in our lives.

So our theme today is “The Lord Sends Ehud to Bring a Sacrifice,” under three headings: first, “Ehud is Sent by the Lord”; second, “Ehud Brings a Sacrifice”; and third, “Ehud’s Sacrifice Brings Rest.”

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